Hi! Thanks for stopping by my small, and slowly growing cel gallery. I am starting to collect from other series, but I am mostly looking into adding more Gundam Mechs and Blue Gender cels.

***NONE of my cels or sketches are for sale or trade. Please do not take the images without asking me first! Thanks!***

News & Updates

1/6/2005Still no new cels, and still no extra $'s to buy them. Thanks to those of you who still do look at my little gallery. Hopefully I'll be able to add more to it in the future.
7/4/2004I haven't forgotten about my gallery, it's just that I haven't had the money to put towards cels lately, and nothing has really caught my attention at this time.
2/28/2004Added a new cel in the Gundam section.
10/30/2003RahXephon section updated. I had bought the sketch back in August, but forgot to add it. That's pretty sad considering I hardly update at all!

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Title Last Updated
DBZ/GT Genga and Douga (12) 8/17/2002
Blue Gender (4) 10/27/2002
Blue Gender Sketches (5) 10/27/2002
Dragonball GT (11) 8/4/2002
Dragonball Z (7) 10/2/2002
Gasaraki (1) 9/22/2002
Great Saiyaman Genga (6) 5/8/2002
Gundam (3) 2/28/2004
Macross 7 (4) 12/25/2002
RahXephon (2) 10/30/2003

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Gallery Created: 1/1/2002
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